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Spotlight: HP 12000

Poultons has recently invested in Hp’s state of the art technology; Hp Indigo 12000 Digital Press. Being the first and only company in Malta to invest in such an innovative machine, the press provides a definite competitive edge.

This feat of engineering provides the ability to print on relatively large (for digital presses) B2 sheets at a very high productivity rate of up to 4600 coloured sheets per hour. Poultons selected the Hp Indigo 12000 for its just-in-time production and customer engagement due to its customisation and personalisation enabled by unique variable data printing features.

It is also the leader in print quality and colour which is achieved via HP indigo’s liquid ElectroInk technology. Prints may be produced on several different substrates; from off-the-shelf coated and uncoated paper to self-adhesive, metalized and canvas materials.

Apart from its obvious productive capabilities, the company chose this revolutionary digital press to increase its overall sustainability. The press is manufactured carbon neutral and silver-free, it offers waste reduction and energy efficient features with a takeback program to ensure parts are recycled or disposed of correctly.

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